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Structural Organization of MZP 

The broad structural organization of MZP is as given below: 

General Headquarters: The General Headquarters of MZP is situated at Aizawl, in the state capital of Mizoram. There are five elected office bearers such as- President, Vice President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer and Finance Secretary. 

In addition to elected office bearers there are Secretaries in charge of different fields, Executive Members not exceeding 50 and 8 Advisers and 2 Legal Advisers.

Headquarters: There are 12 Headquarters of MZP. Headquarters offices are run by the elected and non elected leaders. Elected office bearers are – President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Secretary, Appointed Secretary, Executive Members not exceeding 30, advisers not exceeding 5 and 2 Advisers and Legal advisers are the unelected office bearers of MZP Headquarters.

Sub-Headquarters: There are 43 Sub- Headquarters in MZP. Like the General Headquarters, the Sub-Headquarters too have elected and non elected office bearers. Elected office bearers are President, Vice President, General Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Treasurer.

In addition to the elected office bearers and Secretaries, Executive Members not exceeding 15 and advisors not exceeding 5 are appointed in the Sub-headquarters.

Branch: Direct and Indirect Branches are there in MZP. There are 16 direct branches related with General Headquarters while the rest are run through Sub-Headquarters.

Affiliated Organizations 

The following Mizo (used as an umbrella term for all peoples who speak one of the Mizo languages) student organizations are affiliated to it:
  1. Hmar Students Association (HSA)
  2. Lai Students' Association (LSA)
  3. Mizoram Bawm Students' Association (MBSA)
  4. Pang zirlai Pawl (PZP)
  5. Mara Students' Organization[3] (MSO)
  6. Ranglong Students' Union (RSU)
  7. Thado-Kuki Students' Union (TKSU)
  8. Siamsinpawlpi[4] (SSPP)
  9. It is itself a constituent unit of North-East Students' Organisation (NESO)
Most of College Students Union in Mizoram, Women Politechnic, Aizawl and Mizoram University Students Council; Chairman/Vice President and General Secretary is the Ex-Officio Member in General Headquarters.