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Mizo Zirlai Pawl (lit. Mizo students' Association) is a Mizo multinational student organization and apex students body in Mizoram state. Established on 27 October 1935 in Shillong by Mizo earlier educated students. Originally as the Lushai Students Association (LSA), which was later replaced with the "Mizo Zirlai Pawl" (Mizo Students Association) on September 1946. As Mizoram State government notified MZP raising day 27 October was observed as "Zirlaite Ni" (Students' Day) from 2008 in Mizoram. It was registered as SR No. 35 of 1969–70 under Indian Societies Registration Act. Its general headquarters is in the state capital of Mizoram, Aizawl. And it has 13 headquarters inside and outside of Mizoram state,[1] such as Churachandpur (in Manipur), Behliangchhip (in Tripura),
and in Mizoram state - Serchhip, Biate, Champhai, Hnahthial, Darlawn, Kolasib, Mamit, Zawlnuam, Saitual, Lunglei and Khawzawl. It has 51 Sub-Headquarters and many branches.

Mr. H. Lalthianghlima was elected on 21 September, 2013 at the MZP Assembly held at Vanapa Hall as the President for 2023–2025 term, he had been replacing Mr. Lalnunmawia Pautu.

The following Mizo (used as an umbrella term for all peoples who speak one of the Mizo languages) student organizations are affiliated to it:
  • Hmar Students Association (HSA)
  • Lai Students' Association (LSA)
  • Mizoram Bawm Students' Association (MBSA)
  • Pang zirlai Pawl (PZP)
  • Mara Students' Organization[3] (MSO)
  • Ranglong Students' Union (RSU)
  • Thado-Kuki Students' Union (TKSU)
  • Siamsinpawlpi[4] (SSPP)
  • It is itself a constituent unit of North-East Students' Organisation (NESO)

Most of College Students Union in Mizoram, Women Politechnic, Aizawl and Mizoram University Students Council; Chairman/Vice President and General Secretary is the Ex-Officio Member in General Headquarters.

In different parts of India, Cities and Institution based Mizo Students Association are also affiliated to Mizo Zirlai Pawl; like, Mizo Students Union Pune (MSUP), Merut Mizo Zirlai Pawl and many more.

The Lushai Students Association previously founded in 1926 at Shillong and which had almost collapsed was revived in October 1935. Its main objective were to look after the welfare of the Lushai Students, to prepare them to be the leader in future, and to preserve the Lushai traditional and cultural values. In first general election held on 24 October 1939 was elected Buchhawn as its President, Lalhmuaka its General Secretary, Hrawva as Treasurer and Saptea as Student Secretary. The General Meeting at Aizawl on 1 September 1946 had changed its name into Mizo Zirlai Pawl, in short MZP and shifted its base from Shillong to Aizawl.

The association was established on October 27, 1935.

Aims and objectives
The motto is Ṭanrual hi chakna (lit. Union is strength) and the theme (thuvawn) is Serve for Mizo Nation (Mizo zirlaite kan ram leh hnam tan). The main aims is 'to prepare all Zohnahthlâk people to be valuable citizens for the Mizo nation and Zoram ' and 'to help the government in the development of Zoram and Mizo nation'. The following are some of the main aims and objectives:
  • to safeguard the rights and unity of all Mizo students
  • to prepare Mizo people to become helpful citizens of Zoram
  • to do its best to unite all Mizo people and create an independent Mizo state out of all the territories historically occupied by Mizo peoples.
  • to prevent and attack corruption in Mizoram
  • to conserve traditional Mizo values.
Assembly Pandal 2022
The association is administered by the General Headquarters. The General Headquarters is forming by six elected office bearer. The office bearer were elected for two years by electoral college after every two years, they appointed not more than fifty Executive Committee Member for the term of 1 year. Ten appointed Secretary were selected among the Executive Committee Members and they in-charge various posts to advice and assist the elected office bearer. And then, they run the office and activities actively.

The Executive Committee appoint the Adviser and NESO Council member for one year. Various Sub-Committee and Club also form in the General Headquarters. 

MZP Assembly is the top authority in the association, and Federal Council Sitting is the second highest authority to rule the association.

R. Buchhawna
Founding President

Presidents of the Organisation
Year                     Name
1935–1936           R.Buchhawna
1936–1937           R.Buchhawna
1937–1938           R.Buchhawna
1938–1939           R.Buchhawna
1939–1940           R.Buchhawna
1940–1941           R.Buchhawna
1941–1942           R.Buchhawna
1942–1943           Hrawva
1943–1944           Hrawva
1944–1945           Hrawva
1945–1946           Hrawva
1946–1947           Khawtinkhuma
1947–1948           R.Buchhawna
1948–1949           Zairema
1949–1950           Zairema
1950–1951           Sangliana
1951–1952           Lalsiama
1952–1953           Lalsiama
1953–1954           Sangliana
1954–1955           K.C.Lalvunga
1955–1956           K.C.Lalvunga
1956–1957           J Malsawma
1957–1958           Sangliana
1958–1959           Sangliana
1959–1960           H.K.Bawichhuaka
1960–1961           H.Raltawna
1961–1962           H.K.Bawichhuaka
1962–1963           Romawia
1963–1964           Romawia
1964–1965           Rozinga
1965–1966           Rozinga
1966–1967           Rozinga
1967–1968           Rozinga
1968–1969           Rozinga
1969–1970           L.Pachunga
1970–1971           J.Lalduhawma
1971–1972           R.L.Thanzawna
1972–1973           Zoliana Royte
1973–1974           Lalnuntluanga
1976–1977           J.V.Hluna
1977–1978           J.V.Hluna
1978–1980           T.C.Kapmawia
1980–1982           Rochunga Ralte
1982–1984           Zokailiana Khiangte
1986       -
1987–1989           B.C.Lalbiakngura
1989–1993           F.Lalchhawnkima
1993                    Lalmuanpuia Punte (Adhoc 1 month)
1993–1994           Lalmuanpuia Punte
1994–1995           Lalmuanpuia Punte
1995–1996           K.Vanlalvena
1996–1997           Lalmuanpuia Punte
1997–1999           Lalruatkima
1999–2001           R.Vanlalvena
2001–2003           Lalchhandama Ralte
2003–2005           C.Lalrokhuma
2005–2007           PC.Laltlansanga
2007–2009           C.Lalhmachhuana
2009–2011           V.L.Krosshnehzova
2011–2013           James Thanghmingmawia
2013–2015           Lalhmachhuana
2015–2017           Lalsangzuala Ngente
2017-2019            L. Ramdinliana Renthlei
2019-2021            B. Vanlaltana
2021-2023            Lalnunmawia Pautu
2023-2025            H. Lalthianghlima

Mizo Zirlai Pawl publishes a monthly magazine MZP CHANCHINBU in Mizo language since 1938. It has a circulation of 1,000 copies. It registered under Registrar of Newspapers for India.

It also published the followings-
Zoram map, prepared by- L.Malsawma Colney in 2006
Zofest 2006 Souvenir
Zofest 2008 Souvenir 'CHIBAI'
MZP Platinum Jubilee Souvenir, in 2010
Zofest 2012 Souvenir 'Insuihkhawn'
Zofest 2014 Souvenir 'Unau kan ni'
Zofest 2016 Souvenir "Rihlipui" 
Zofest 2018 Souvenir "Chhinlung"
Zofest 2022 Souvenir "Lailun"
MZP Calendar, in every year

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